The Ohio Division of Wildlife, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and the Ohio Department of Agriculture announced that CWD, Chronic Wasting Disease, has been found in a single deer in a Captive Deer Herd in Holmes county. This hunting preserve has been under quarantine since April because of connection with a Pennsylvania deer preserve that had a confirmed case of CWD.

Wildlife officials report that there is no evidence that the disease was transferred to Ohio's wild deer herd. They will continue to sample deer statewide and will increase their testing in the area surrounding the hunting preserve.

The League of Ohio Sportsmen continues to support the cooperative efforts of the Ohio Division of Wildlife and Ohio Department of Agriculture to keep CWD out of Ohio's wild deer population. The League has been on the forefront of calls for testing for CWD and inter-agency cooperation since the early 2000's.

The complete news release from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources can be found by CLICKING HERE

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The 2014 Catfish Tournament held August 15-16 was a success with great teams and good weather. The Ohio Division of Wildlife's tank truck and fisheries specialists were there so the fish could be released after the conclusion of the tournament. Thanks to all the contestants and to the folks who worked so hard to make this event a success.

Overall Finish (Blue Cat, Channel cat etc)

1st Place Overall
Team #49, captain Jeffrey Jett 39lb 6oz
2nd Place Overall
Team #25, captain Ray Plum 15lb 9oz
3rd Place Overall
Team #47, captain Gary Gutten Jr 13lb 9oz
4th Place Overall
Team #18, captain Charlie Pitts 13lb 4oz
5th Place Overall
Team #10, captain Kyle Statts 12lb 1oz

Results of the Flathead and Shovelhead Cats
1st Place
Team #44, captain Brian Morris 49lb
2nd Place
Team #10, captain Kyle Statts 42lb
Early Bird Entry Winner
Team #11, captain Paul Lee Moore won two $25 Gas Cards
Entry to the Early Bird was limited to teams that mailed their registration. Mail your registration early for entry into next year's Early Bird drawing!

Last Updated (Sunday, August 17 2014)

Each year, the League's membership considers resolutions that give our organization its direction for policy for upcoming years. At the 2014 convention, the membership adopted ten resolutions.

This year's resolutions deal with the gun issues, deer hunting regulations, non-resident license fees, and environmental concerns. CLICK HERE to read this year's adopted resolutions

For more information about our resolutions process or this year's adopted resolutions, please email our office.

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